Laser Cutting as a technology has rapidly developed over the years – our 2 Helius machines were fantastic when we bought the first one 8 years ago, but now they are outdated.  Our hands have been tied on upgrading our machines as we do not have nearly enough electricity supply to power a new, bigger machine (a common problem in factories in Kent) – so when Salvagnini offered us a chance of viewing their new L1Xe machine – with the promise of around 40% less electricity consumption, we were curious to what we could find.

The new machine was installed in November 2010 and is now flying through the work!  With cutting speeds far quicker then our old C02 lasers the machine has made us more competitive and also given us the ability to increase our capacity.

Also, unlike all C02 lasers we can now offer laser-cutting of Copper and Brass with confidence.

The Machine will cut: –

  • In Mild Steel Up To 15mm
  • In Stainless Steel Up To 10mm
  • In Aluminium Up To 8mm
  • In Copper/Brass Up To 5mm



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    Inquiry for punching/pressing 100,000 pcs per 73mm & 88mm Aluminium, annually.

    Hope to hear from you


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